7% Hydrogen Peroxide

7% Hydrogen Peroxide Case of Four 1 Gallon Containers Price: $23.96

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Flag City Water 7% hydrogen peroxide for
iron and sulfur treatment

Well owners are often times faced with a dilemma when it comes to chemically treating their source of water. Hydrogen peroxide is one available treatment that provides many advantages. With nearly 15 percent of the population in the United States using self‑supplied water systems, wells frequently have unsatisfactory drinking water due to the odors, discoloration, and/or corrosion or scaling caused by unacceptable levels of naturally occurring bacteria and contaminants. The hydrogen peroxide can oxidize hydrogen sulfide, ferrous iron and manganese as well as other metals such as arsenic and selenium.

At Flag City Water we carry 7% food grade hydrogen peroxide for water treatment.

  • 7% Hydrogen Peroxide 1 gallon container
  • 7% Hydrogen Peroxide case of four 1 gallon containers

Hydrogen peroxide has been used as a water conditioner on a very limited basis. Recently, however, an increased number of professionals have switched to hydrogen peroxide as the preferred method to manage point‑of‑use/point‑of‑entry (POU/POE) systems. It specifically oxidizes sulfur and iron compounds without producing toxic byproducts. We carry hydrogen peroxide in 1 gallon containers.

Hydrogen Peroxide can be used with well water or to condition municipal water at point‑of‑use/point‑of‑entry (POU/POE). Flag City Water sells cases of four 1 gallon containers of hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide does more than eliminate sulfur water, too.  It also kills bacteria, removes many non-sulfur odors, and changes dissolved iron into a form that's easy to filter out. Hydrogen peroxide forms many less VOC compounds than comparable chlorine products.  Get 7% hydrogen peroxide treatments in 1 gallon containers at Flag City Water.

Use Flag City Water’s 7% food grade hydrogen peroxide for all of your water treatment applications that require an oxidant feed.

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